The porn industry is as legal in most countries as any other industry, and therefore its employees, including pornstars, freely tell about aspects, advantages, and disadvantages of their jobs and careers. Find out what some pornstars tell in private interviews!

Anna: I don’t know why some people believe that being a porn actress is disgraceful. In my industry, I am a professional as well as the directors, producers, makeup artists, and other employees. In our days, sex is no longer an activity only to get children in a couple and is not performed only at night behind closed doors. We’re living in the 21st century, you know. If something exists, there is no use to pretend it does not, it will not disappear. Sex industry is booming because people want this content, and there is nothing bad in that.

Richard: For me, being a porn actor is cool, because I constantly hang out with cool people, men, women, professionals, stars in the industry. This is not about sex, because in fact, filming those sex scenes for hours, especially if we talk about virtual reality porn that takes twice as long to make the same scene… well, this is hard work, it is hard physically and emotionally. All actors are exhausted by the end of the day. So we do not become sex models because we are obsessed with sex. It is just another way to make money and to get what you want in life. As I say, I hang out with cool people; they have their own hobbies, families, they give money to charity etc., and on their working days, they have sex in front of the camera. So what.

Penny: I want to admit that being a porn actress is not the dream of childhood and I must say this is not a perfect job. This is not the same as being a conventional actress, a TV host, or a model, despite the fact that you have a chance to become as popular as they are. This job has its own peculiarities. However, this is one of those rare chances to make money faster, and in a more or less pleasant way. At least I do not work at the factory as most people from my small town, and I don’t have 5 children by the age of 25 and a husband who is an alcohol addict. I am able to live the lifestyle I want without hurting anyone.